Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top 10 Abs In Hollywood

Hollywood's The Best Abs

Miranda Kerr (10)
Miranda Kerr’s Gorgeous Face and Insanely Toned Tummy must keep her main man Orlando Bloom quite thankful

Nicollette Sheridan (9)
Nicollette Sheridan has seen starring roles and romance come and go, but still maintains some of the best abs in Tinsel Town !

Teri Hatcher (8)
'Desperate Housewives' star Teri Hatcher's belly shows no signs of desperation 

Audrina Patridge (7)
Audrina Patridge shot to fame thanks to 'The Hills,' and thanks to her stamina in the Gym. Check out that super cut tum tum

Stephanie Seymour (6)
Stephanie Seymour has graced countless runways and magazine covers and still stands firm with amazing abs at 41

Carmen Electra (5)
Carmen Electra is radiant for many reasons, her flat and defined dancer’s stomach being but one

Anna Kournikova (4)
Anna Kournikova has carved out a Miraculous Stomach for herself over the years, even after she gave up playing professional tennis

Melanie Brown (3)
Mel B rocked the world as a single Spice Girl 10 years ago, and can now be seen sporting a rock-hard stomach, along with a husband and kids

Kristin Cavallari (2)
In Hollywood, a ripped stomach says 'I am so committed to by bod, I do 867 sit-ups a day, which makes me better than you, so stop looking at me.'
But if they work so hard at it, shouldn't somebody look ? 

Jen Aniston's Impressive Abs (1)
So all it takes to get abs like this is drinking Smart Water?
Best news we've heard all week !

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