Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kelly Brook - The Most Perfect Body of The World

Kelly Brook 
- The Most Perfect Body of The World -

This is the most perfect body of the World!  

According to Scholars Researchers at the University of Texas, US, the perfect body exists. 
It belongs to British Model and Actress Kelly Brook.
Measures Kelly Brook : 36, 168 cm tall, 90cm bust, 91cm hips, 63cm waist and bullied for being out of shape before the standard of beauty of magazine covers. 

The research is based on basic factors of biology: age, face, lip, body measurements, hair, and nose. According to the wise scientists, any woman who gets a result close to 0.7 in this account is considered attractive. 
For example, a woman with hip 100cm and 70cm waist has the exact 0.7. Note 
Kelly Brook is 0.70588253, ie perfect.  

Research is important to end the story of the most attractive women are suffering from excessive thinness. Scientists hope this can help women to give up their heavy diets that apart from weight loss also bring serious health risks.